Zinc Tally

A Zinc Tally test provides a fast and effective way to assess the current levels of zinc within the body. Zinc deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the world. It is estimated that up to two billion people have diets poor in zinc, a condition that can lead to a host of problems such as poor immune function, DNA damage, infertility, slow wound healing, cancer, and other diseases.


OligoScan – For Mineral and Heavy Metal Evaluation

The OligoScan is a revolutionary technology which provides a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals in the tissues of the body.  The technology utilizes spectrophotometry to obtain results within minutes, enabling practitioners to utilize these results within a consultation. So there is no waiting for an analysis  – the instant results can be incorporated into your consultation on the same day.

The procedure is simple and painless with 4 photos taken in different areas of the palm of your hand. These photos are sent to France instantly where they are analyzed and the results returned within minutes!

Other diagnostic techniques including nail and tongue analysis